My Canada Plan is here to help you prepare.

My Canada Plan draws upon expertise and experience to provide reliable, customized information and support. You will be introduced to strategies and resources to make the transition to Canada as smooth, economical, and stress-free as possible for you and your family.

Lisa Deacon

Lisa has contributed to the field of Canadian immigration, settlement, and integration for over a decade. With in-depth experience in social and economic integration of newcomers to Canada, she has acted as a guide to over 300 students, immigrants and visitors to Canada.


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  • Guiding effective job searches and related strategies as a result of her extensive work with hundreds of Canadian employers

  • Mentoring career-focused immigrants who wish to integrate their skills and experience into the Canadian job market

  • Tutoring and facilitating English-speaking practice for hundreds of immigrants to Canada

  • Studying and researching Canada‚Äôs immigration system and services for immigrants

  • Training immigrants and diverse community groups in the area of cross-cultural competencies

By living in and travelling to over 40 countries, Lisa understands the experience of finding oneself in a new country, adapting to a different culture and speaking a new language. These international experiences complement her understanding of Canadian culture and systems, uniquely positioning her to support the success of immigrants to Canada.

Lisa communicates in English, Spanish and French.