Finding Work in Canada: Soft Skills

Soft-skills are essential qualifications in Canada’s job market.
But what are they? Why do they matter so much?
If you are struggling to find work in Canada, you may want to consider what soft skills you demonstrate to employers.
Do you bring a positive attitude to the job interview? Are you adaptable to change? Are you a good listener?

As you begin to look for work in Canada I encourage you to contemplate your soft skills. Don’t discount their value when searching for a job. If you need help identifying what your soft skills are, ask a friend, a mentor, or consider having a consultation with My Canada Plan. It could help you land a great job.

Enjoy this infographic!

Finding a job in Canada with soft skills

3 comments on “Finding Work in Canada: Soft Skills

  1. Naveen Arora


    I am a newcomer looking for a job and eventually settle down. Please share more insights into soft skills development.


  2. Naveen Arora


    I am a newcomer looking for a job and developing soft skills for the Canadian. Please share thoughts.


    1. Post author

      Thanks for your comment Naveen, I’m glad that you are considering your soft skills as you look for a job here in Canada. I have replied to your comment personally. Best of luck!

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