Young couple moving into new home

Deciding what region of Canada to live in, and whether to rent an apartment or buy a home are two of the biggest decisions you will make. Do you want to be close to a school? Do you want to live downtown?  What is your budget? Would you like to live close to work, or close to family and friends?
We will discuss your priorities for housing, and identify some regions/neighbourhoods that might suit your needs and budget.  You will be introduced to information and resources on permanent and temporary housing options in your destination, as well as tips on how to furnish your new home economically.



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  1. malak

    I want to know how much a house would cost in the various regions.

  2. lisa@mycanadaplan.com Post author

    Thanks for your inquiry Malak, I would be pleased to help you find information on housing costs in different regions. I have responded to you directly.

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