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Cultural preparation blogWhen I was studying at university, I was fortunate to spend a year as a DJ on the campus radio station. Every Saturday morning I would select and play music over the airwaves for listeners, and I would discuss Canadian music. From coast-to-coast Canada has a very rich music scene, and many Canadian musicians receive international acclaim. This is a great source of pride for Canada.

Being a huge music fan myself, it is no surprise that I chose the topic of “Canadian Music” for one of my recent English Second Language conversation groups. The group was presented with the biographies of 15 musicians that are well-known here in Canada. However, the participants were only familiar with Justin Bieber and Céline Dion. While Justin and Céline have had considerable international success, Canada’s music expands much further than some newcomers may realize.

I believe that Canadian music is one of the best representations of our history and diverse culture, so here I would like to introduce you to a playlist of Canadian music – Enjoy the tunes!




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